Three Blue Boats oil painting in Tarbert Harbour

Three Blue Boats.

Tarbert is a gem of a harbour village and I'm lucky to have it nearby for painting inspiration. I hope you’ll feel the sun on the water in my painting, ‘Three Blue Boats’.

Hidden Cove

A friend who knows I’m on the lookout for painting locations recently told me about a spot he thought had good potential. He described an intriguing hidden cove on the seaside well below the roadway. 
Hidden Cove
Rugged Kintyre coastline.

New Paintings at Glenbarr Stores

Looking for positives over the past 12 months has been challenging for us all. About this time last year, I was following the rules — staying in the studio rather than going out to paint on location. In some ways perhaps that isolation enabled a kind of enriching focus on my work and family. Like adding seaweed to your compost beds, we hope fertilising will give us a better harvest when the time is right.